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I dedicated my life to him and our kids…

He made a promise to me on our wedding day to love me. We were happy. He committed to me and I to him. How, after all these years, are we in this mess? How is it that he can be selfish and not put his family first. Put me first? I am sad, angry, hurt, confused, resentful, humiliated, and lost. Our life is not supposed to be like this. Where did we go wrong? When is he going to wake up? Will he ever realize the damage he is doing?



I have been an Army wife for 10+ years. We have been together much longer. Four kids and one on the way, what was/am I thinking? I know what he is doing and yet I stay. Why?

My heart has been broken for a very long time. I am exhausted. The excuses. He says he will stop. He does, only for a while. Why?

This is not marriage. This is not the life I wanted with my husband and kids. And yet, as I sit here, I am staying? Why?!

What is wrong with me? I know what he is!

Why is he cheating? Why is he lying about cheating? This was my friend. He is supposed to be my friend! I have known him since the 8th grade, I don’t understand how he can hurt me.