Didn’t go the way I envisioned…


Didn’t go the way I envisioned…I called his leadership. No answer. I text and all they said was I’ll talk to him. I told my husband to leave the house at 3am Monday morning. He came home yesterday after 1pm. I asked him what happened at work. nothing happened. Nobody said a word too him. I don’t know what to do now. Today I gave him an ultimatum. He doesn’t get it.


4 thoughts on “Didn’t go the way I envisioned…

  1. p0rnaddictswife

    Stick to your gut. If you have to leave to get away from this, then it may come to that. You are doing what is best for you and you deserve it. You probably know that his words are just words. I can totally relate. I have heard a million times about how he will quit and things will get better. Things are currently the worst they have been for him and I, but I feel the best. I know I deserve better and there is a better life. You deserve a pain-free heart and life. You are strong. You gotta walk thru hell to get out. Find strength in knowing that you have the support of many women that have gone thru this too. Find an S-Anon meeting, even if it is a phone meeting. If you can’t find that, Al-Anon can maybe help in the immediate. XOXO

  2. janeykate

    If you give an ultimatum, then you have to stick to it, no matter how difficult it is, unless its just pointless. I really feel for you, but honestly, wouldn’t you want to be free so you can find someone who won’t hurt you all of the time?
    Jane x

  3. My_Struggles_His_Story

    I’m sorry to hear that. Good luck! I’ve also found a tremendous amount of help through a support and recovery group at church based on Celebrate Recovery. Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Anger, Codependence, etc. It’s all the same affliction, and as you start to mingle with others that are broken and struggling with some measure in their life, it’s amazing how God speaks to you through them. They always say “the only requirement is the desire for change”. If nothing else, wouldn’t it be nice not to have his actions tear you apart? Praying for you


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