Feeling sad today…

Today I am sad. Sad that my husband doesn’t wake up, and realize the problems he created. I know I am far from the perfect wife, but I remained faithful and honored my vows and commitment to him.

I know I said for better, for worse, but the worst is killing me inside. I gave this man everything. I never thought he would take my heart and shred it to pieces. 

My soul is damaged. I’m torn over what to do. I feel so alone. The aching pain is a constant reminder of what he has done. I am losing my faith. I want this nightmare to end. 


6 thoughts on “Feeling sad today…

  1. peregrinerose

    You are far from alone, you have lots of sisters in this big ‘happy’ family. Remember you can’t change him, you can’t influence his addiction. He has to do that. The question is can you live with him the way he is right now, or not? If only it was easy to answer….

  2. The Wife

    You are not alone! There are sadly so many of us who are either in your shoes or who have been there. Please lean on those of us for support when you are feeling down. Don’t wait for him to come around to be happy again. Choose to be happy for yourself because you deserve it.

  3. militarydeservesbetter

    Isn’t it amazing how much a horrible spouse stuck in their own pit of deceipt and ugliness can affect our own self-worth? The sheer fact that you’ve remained committed and faithful to someone that clearly doesn’t deserve it says enough about the spouse you are. Hold your head high, and if you’re running out of faith, borrow some of mine.

  4. thedearwife

    You are never going to heal if he can not come clean with what he has done and stop the damaging behavior. If he can not own up to his affairs than the best you can do is move on.


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