Cannot forgive

Forgiveness is difficult for me. So many times I have been hurt, let down by those who have been closest to me. Right now I do hate my husband, he is undeserving of my love. I can’t forgive him, everytime I try to forget the texts and the lies, everything comes back to me and I am angry all over again. My husband just goes about his life as if he never cheated or lied. I don’t understand how he became this fucked up person. 


3 thoughts on “Cannot forgive

  1. Samantha Baker

    Trying to figure out the why’s and how’s will make us crazy. We can’t. They are broken and the justification they use to allow themselves to do this is not rational, therefore, we will never be able to understand. No reason will suddenly make that light bulb go on for us and make us say “OH! That makes so much sense! I understand now!”

    Their actions are selfish. They thrives on that ego stroke, but it’s based in fantasy. They are living falsely and it WILL come crashing down.

  2. betrayedbyakiss

    I am so sorry for your pain. I agree with Samantha the whys will haunt you. It is a process, I pray you can get to the place where you are letting it go and refusing to allow it to torment you.


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