More lies…

He has another credit card which is supposed to be used for work. Guess what he does? Gets cash out to pay for sex and blow jobs! Really like his phone, bank, credit card statements lie!

He still denies it all! “i have never met anybody, i just texted!” LIAR…

I HATE HIM. Why am I so fucking stupid? Pathetic! And i continued to have kids with him! I sit here crying. It hurts so bad. He was supposed to be my friend, my husband. What the hell?

And its his birthday today.


5 thoughts on “More lies…

    1. hurtarmywife Post author

      No family close by. I am alone with my kids. I am pregnant and being high risk I have to stay where I am. Turning my husband in will do nothing. I have called before and asked anonymously. They need real proof. So I am stuck in a hard place. I wished he would wake up, and realize what he is doing. It hurts so bad.

  1. fenix

    I’m so sorry….do they at least have counseling available you really need someone to talk to who can be objective and support you

    1. hurtarmywife Post author

      I tried counseling and the counselor told me, if i love him and want to stay with a cheater, that i need to accept that he will continue to cheat and to learn to deal with that. I never went back to see her.

      We also went to marriage counseling and he plays his part so well. Tells me how commited he will be. Tells the counselor he does want his family. And then after he says we don’t need counseling and we never go back because he doesn’t have time for it.

  2. cassee01

    unfortunately not all counselors are created equal – some of them don’t deserve to have that job but if you find a good one it could be a good help


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