I have been an Army wife for 10+ years. We have been together much longer. Four kids and one on the way, what was/am I thinking? I know what he is doing and yet I stay. Why?

My heart has been broken for a very long time. I am exhausted. The excuses. He says he will stop. He does, only for a while. Why?

This is not marriage. This is not the life I wanted with my husband and kids. And yet, as I sit here, I am staying? Why?!

What is wrong with me? I know what he is!

Why is he cheating? Why is he lying about cheating? This was my friend. He is supposed to be my friend! I have known him since the 8th grade, I don’t understand how he can hurt me.


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. candidkay

    I’m so sorry. The temporary hell you may face moving forward at least leads you to better things. Stay in a hell you know–and prospects are for the hell you know, usually. I wish you the best, no matter what happens.

  2. fenix

    honestly I think they are different than us….I think my husband is a narcissist and maybe even a sociopath because they really don’t get it – I’m sorry you are going through this I tell you a site that really helped me see myself called Chump lady google it


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